Monday, August 16, 2010

Twelve Things I want to do

to learn new things... from Sarah Mae's Twelve New Things post :D

overall goals... study for the test in November, learn the guitar better, read my bible every day...

August- make Blueberry Syrup
September- make Blackberry, Strawberry, or Raspberry Jam or all three
October- learn to make lamb and a real cheesecake for my hubby's bday
November- pass the AEA test, wow I have a lot to learn here! Eleven weeks away... fifteen more chapters to learn
December- make/finish quilted potholders for my family gifts to go with the jam :D
January- skiing on those crazy new skis that they make now??
February- Sprint Triathlon
June- Olympic Triathlon??
July - finish a quilt for the quilt show in August

I'll keep working on this...

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calvintage said...

Hi! I linked here from Sarah Mae's 12 things post...
Two good lamb recipes for your husband's bday:
I just made this one two weeks ago, and it really was good:
Have a great day!