Tuesday, August 17, 2010

just for today

I love the pincurlgirls concept!

Oh my...what a difference it would make to have just a few more positive thoughts then those crappy negative ones. I do so much better with the "I suck because..." thoughts than the "I did great with that, or "I rock because..." thoughts...
so I'm trying... I don't have Jen's adorable bracelets but I am concentrating on thinking better, when those, " you are such an idiot" thoughts come, I am trying to counteract, attack, that is a lie, that is not what Jesus would say thoughts...
so today, if I had the bracelets
I would have moved one because I got to make whole wheat and blueberry pancakes for my twins and their friend that spent the night and they were healthy and they really liked them :D
I would have moved a bracelet because I picked four pounds of blackberries today
I would have moved one because I picked a bunch of weeds and got some exercise doing that,
I would have moved one because I finished chapter one and got 90 percent on the practice test (only eleven weeks left and fifteen more chapters to go...)
so that is pretty good for today, that is four bracelets!! I'm proud of myself! Thank you for the inspiration Jen, Thank you for loving me Jesus!!

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