Some of My Favorite Oils and their uses!

On Guard Blend
On Guard
Antibiotic in a bottle

1. Mix with a tbsp of water, gargle for 1-2 minute then swallow at the on-set of a sore throat.

2. Put 5 drops oregano and 5 drops on guard in a 00 capsule and take 3 times daily at the on set of cold or flu symptoms.

3. Put on the soles children's feet at night during cold & flu season to support immune system.

4. Add 2-5 drops to 2 tbsp of water and swish and pull  through your teeth for gingivitis, mouth sores or gum problems.  Repeat at least 3 times daily as needed.

5. Apply a drop of on guard to the gum and tooth of a tooth ache. Rub directly on painful areas.

6. Spray a mixture of on guard and water in hotel rooms or bed sheets.

7. Have the diffuser going in your home when the kids come home to kill microbes and ward off germs.
  8. Wipe doorknobs, light switches, piano keys, steering wheels, gear shift, telephones, keyboards,and computer mice.

9. Combine 5 drops of On Guard, 3 drops of Oregano and 3 drops of Frankincense in a capsule and take at the onset of a cold or flu to speed recovery and reduce the severity of symptoms. 3 X daily.

10.  Add 2-5 drops to 2 tbsp of water and swish and pull for 5 - 10 min at least 3 times daily when in environments where people are sick or germs are prevalent.

Digest Zen
1.  Apply to the tummy or feet of small child that has tummy issues or gas.  If the child has sensitive skin, you can cut the oil with a teaspoon of coconut oil or another carrier.

2.  Apply to the tummy or take 3-5 drops internally with water in a shot glass for stomach issues. Supplement with coriander for greater strength.

3.  Cup and inhale or take 2-4 drops internally for nausea.

4.  Cup and inhale, take internally or rub a small drop on the back an lobes of the ear for sea-sickness or air-sickness.

5.  Combine 2 drops of Digest Zen and 3 drops of Ginger in a shot glass with water, rice milk or almond milk and swallow for immediate relief of burning gerd or heart burn or stinging in upper esophagus.

6. Combine 3 drops each of Digest Zen and Frankincense in a capsule  or in a shot glass and take 2-3 times daily for up to two weeks to help heal a stomach or esophageal ulcer. (take a week break of only frankincense if you need to continue) (shot glass for upper ulcer, capsule for stomach ulcers).

7. Rotate taking 3 drops of peppermint and 3 drops of Digest Zen in a capsule with 3 drops frankincense and 3 drops digest zen in a capsule and take 2-4 times daily for help relieving/healing crohn's disease.

8. For food poisoning; Add 6 drops to 2 tbsp of water in a shot glass.  Swish around in the mouth, and swallow. Also, place 2 drops of digest zen, 2 drops of frankincense in an empty capsule, and swallow, repeat every hour as needed.

9.  Combine 2 drops of digest zen and 2 drops of Cassia in an empty capsule and take every 1-2 hours or as needed for diarrhea or constipation.

10. Reduce bloating and cramps by taking a shot glass for of water with 4-6 drops of digest zen.


1. Cup and inhale peppermint during studying or learning.  Cup and inhale again when recalling the information to increase mental acuity.

2. Put 5-6 drops to your hands and apply to the back of the neck and up the back of the skull for help staying alert and awake. Supplement with Rosemary if wanted.

3. Use daily, topically on the back of the neck, bottom of the feet or on the chest to reduce mood swings, and promote balanced awareness.

4. Put 4-5 drops with water in a shot glass and drink quickly to stop aggressive hiccups.

5. Put 4-5 drops on a wet wash cloth and place on the forehead of a child or person with a high fever for fever reduction.  Be cautious of getting peppermint in the eyes.  Is effective for infants on the bottom of the feet.

6. Put 6-8 drops per half cup in water a small spray bottle, shake and spritz sunburn areas for cooling, relief and protection against bacterial infection.

7. Apply peppermint to cuts and scrapes to kill bacteria, and respond with analgesic and soothing response.

8. Apply topically to areas of a head ache.  Along forehead, On temples. Up the back of the head. Avoid eyes.

9. A single drop of peppermint in a cup of  hot water with honey, makes a powerful peppermint tea to help relieve symptoms of cold or flu, and aid in relief of digestive issues.

10.  Rotate taking 3 drops of peppermint and 3 drops of Digest Zen in a capsule with 3 drops frankincense and 3 drops digest zen in a capsule and take 2-4 times daily for help relieving/healing crohn's disease.

11. (Because 10 is one to few) Use peppermint topically to rub on large Multicses before and after workouts to increase blood flow and make recovery quicker and less painful.


1. Apply directly, topically or put 6-8 drops per half cup in water a small spray bottle and spritz burn areas for healing relief and protection against bacterial infection. (The very short sting means its killing bacteria)

2. Apply Lavender to cuts and scrapes to kill bacteria, and respond with analgesic and soothing response.

3. Spray on your pillow before going to bed to help relax the mind and induce sleep.

4. Use as a calming oil topically or by diffusion.  Calm overly excited children. Place a few drops on a tissue and place in the vent of a car with the fan on.  The aroma will be calming.

5. Combine with clary sage, cup and inhale or diffuse to relax the mind for quiet time, a nap, bedtime or to relieve stress and stress related headache.

6. Put a few drops in your bath for a relaxing bath before bed time.

7. Cup and inhale or diffuse as an antidepressant, or to relax after a stressful situation.

8. Use topically or cup and inhale during airplane flights for relaxation and anti-stress.

9. Massage 3-4 drops into your forearms before doing menial tasks that use arm muscles.  It will relieve muscles and relax the mind.

10. Apply topically around the back and inside the ear, (not in the ear canal) for earaches.  You can make a tissue plug and apply oils to that and place in the canal. Allow the aroma to penetrate the into the canal, not the oils.


1. Add 2-4 drops of Lemon to a large bowl of water to rinse grapes, berries and other fruit.  Pour through a colander and rinse. It will clean the fruit and it will stay unspoiled for longer as well.

2. Add 2-3 drops of Lemon to your dishwasher or laundry wash cycle for added disinfection and cleanliness.

3. Put a few drops on DVD or CD, wipe over the surface area, leave for a few minutes, then wipe dry from the center of the disk towards the outside edge to remove, small scratches and clean the surface.

4. Put a couple drops on stickers, crayon, markers, gum or grease let soak for a few minutes then wipe away and wash clean. Can also wipe fixtures, door handles, or cabinet tops.

5. Add at least 1 drop to every 8 ounces of water and drink at least 3 glasses daily to maintain a healthy immune system and help cleanse the body.

6. Apply topically to enlarged lymph-nodes, massaging the nodes downward towards the heart. See Caution.

7. Add 2 drops of Lemon to 4 drops of On Guard and gargle and swish for 5 min for cold and sore throat symptoms. (Three times daily as needed).
8. Diffuse Lemon in the air to cleanse the air, kill microbes and uplift moods.

9. Put a drop on warts and skin tags 2-3 times daily.  Over a few weeks the wart or tag will be gone forever. (Frankincense or Oregano can also be effective) See Caution.

10. Place 5-10 drops of Lemon on  a small washcloth and put in the dryer with drying clothes for fresh smelling clothes coming out of the dryer.

Be aware that Lemon and other Citrus oils are photo-toxic and should not be topically applied to skin (even in low dilution) that will be exposed direct sun light or ultraviolet-light for 24-48 hours.

Lemon, Lavender, Peppermint

When I first became acquainted with essential oils, one of the first blends that I learned of was the Lemon, Lavender, Peppermint blend. Someone discovered that the three oils together made a fantastic blend to combat common allergies.

The blend can be useful and effective in many ways. You just need to experiment a little and determine what works best for you.

Some make a capsule with 2-3 drops of each oil and take it at the very first sign of allergies.

If they come on fast, and you find yourself suffering from allergies, putting 2 drops of each in small shot glass half full of water, then swish and pull the mixture though your mouth for a few minutes before swallowing.

Don't be afraid to repeat as often as necessary until the symptoms cease.

If your eyes are bothering you, consider doing a cup and inhale application, covering your nose and eyes as you breath in deeply.  Let the aroma get to your eyes, but don't let the oil get in your eyes.

Elevation (My Favorite Blend )


This blend provides an invigorating combination of CPTG® (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) essential oils that can elevate your mood and increase your energy.
Elevation is a blend of lavandin, tangerine, elemi, lemon myrtle, melissa, ylang ylang, osmanthus and sandalwood blended flawlessly for an immediate and dramatic effect.

If you have any questions you can contact me at
Elevation Oil Blend is 10 percent off for November 2012!

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