Sunday, August 29, 2010

Duathlon Plan

so... I have decided to try a Duathlon on September 18th. It is a "short/sprint" distance... 1.2 mile trail run/4 mile mountain bike/ 1.2 mile trail run...
So in addition to the P90x training starting tomorrow I need to be running at least 3 miles without stopping and biking in brick training sessions in the next two weeks. Plus going to Aqua Aerobics class.
I'm excited to get to try it, I think it will be fun. I have never done an off road race before so it will be interesting.
The Mary Martha study is going well and I am trying to apply the be anxious about nothing verse. I am still having those panic attacks/ heart attack feelings but I haven't figured out why. My resting heart rate is better than ever and my blood pressure too, I need to be more aware of my thoughts.
I am working on my Aqua Aerobics training which is really challenging me. I can not remember all the names of the muscles yet. I need to write some note cards I think...
...and the writing class too, I am studying about the parts and chemicals of the brain so that I will be able to write an article on childhood stages of development from a biblical perspective. I think it will help me understand some things better.
Happy Sunday :D

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