Friday, July 23, 2010

from InCourage today...

InCourage Today:
I can't remember where I read these words. But they impacted me so much, I jotted them down on the back of a receipt and held them close.

What I want my children to know:

  • They were created by God.
  • They aren't an accident or an afterthought.
  • They were created for a special purpose.
  • God has a divine plan for their lives.
  • God has gifted them with unique abilities to see His purpose fulfilled.

I wanted to rewrite this and really try to believe it, to know it for myself too:
I was created by God, I am not an accident or an afterthought, I was created for a special purpose,God has a divine plan for my life, god has gifted me with unique abilities to see His purpose fulfilled... Can you say this is true for you too? Do you believe it? Do you know it deep in the innermost depths of your heart?

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