Monday, October 22, 2007

Last week's progress and This Week's Commitment

I had trouble getting photos to post last week so my posts are a little behind :) Here are the DJ blocks that I finished last week :) my new numbers are 86 blocks,21 triangles, 3 corners, 2215 pieces.

my five things for my CTL this week are to
1)make my NJQS block (finished 10/23)
2)make four DJ Blocks: E-13, F-1,F-12 and F-13 (finished 10/24)
3)finish one of the quilting "to do's" that are on the list
4)Clean the carpets and keep the house clean for Friday's after-game party
5)Do my daily devotional reading ON TIME! and finish "Knit One, Kill Two" what a super book :) (finished KOKT on 10/22)

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