Friday, October 05, 2007

A Commitment to Loveliness!

I just found Emma's blog because of Tamera's Blog, and I am so excited to begin Emma's weekly challenges...all we have to do is... "choose five things that you would like to work on or do during the week that will increase the loveliness in your life!"

I think that we are supposed to make the list on Sunday and then fulfill it during the week but I will start today! I have already been really challenged and blessed by Tilde's great Cinderella'ing tips (which must be restarted now!) and now I will try to work on Emma's as well.


I think that first on the list will be my hair. I have very long straight hair and I found out yesterday that I will have to get glasses. I always wanted glasses but now that I actually have to get them and "wear them all the time" (Dr. said) I am thinking thoughts like...How does one wear glasses all the time? I wear my sunglasses alot, but my hair really bugs me and gets caught up in my lanyard and frames sometimes when I have my sunglasses on. I have untill the 13th to think about it...Well, not actually that long becuase I will have to make an appointment and have whatever I'm going to do done, yikes, what to do... perm it again? Cut it off? both????#1 is consider what to do, if anything, with my hair...


The other thing is to make a commitment to excercise...something like "three times this week I will actually do something active and get my heart rate up"...I feel so much better after I excercise and I know this, really do!...But I find so many excuses not to "Just do it" so...should I just buy the treadmill or should I get the gym membership down the street? If I bought the treadmill then where would I put it? Would I actually go and excercise down the street if I bought the membership? goal will be this week is #2 Decide what to do about my lack of excercise AND do something about it! how's that????

3 and 4. SEWING

sewing goals...I could easily make five sewing goals for the week but I will limit this area to one or two in order to appear like a balanced individual who isn't consumed by quilting and threads and fabrics of all colors, shades, patterns and styles and... ;) teehee

sewing projects for this week..... The beautiful bulls eyes from the swap are calling me from their plastic bags.... and the scarecrows are almost done! I will add Pat's corn cob block to this list and of course my DJ Bow and the NJQS Block too....ooops I think that is more than two but no one is counting right???


I received the Jane Austen collection for my B-day and I haven't even cracked it open yet. I do so much reading during our home schooling time that I don't do a lot of reading just for myself other than my daily devotional time... I have loved the Praying the Names of Jesus book by Ann Spangler. Wow, it is a wonderful study. and..I signed up to read the October book with the Pat Sloan group and got it from the library...It is called "Knit One, Quilt Two", I love a great mystery :) so I will make that my final goal... #5 start the book!

Thanks again, when I think about it, the internet has been such a blessing to me, to be able to connect with so many wonderful ladies who are so willing to share their creativity and talent with those of us who, well, really desperately need their inspiration! LOL



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