Sunday, September 30, 2007

Fall Colors

Fall Colors, I am a bit crazy for all things fall at the moment and have been working on two projects this week.
The Scarecrows are from the "Topsy-Turvy Scarecrows" pattern and they are in the process of getting their mahine buttonhole stitch and then they will get their hay/yarn and quilting.
The Nine patch quilt is in the process of being appliqued. I am adding some flowers to the center star and th outside border and then it will be ready to move to the "To Be Quilted" list...
I added those lists to my Blog today. To see them written down inspires me to get moving on them nd I hope will help me keep track of my "TO DO's".
I also quilted a few blocks on the Jack's Chain last night. Just a few more blocks to go and it will come off the frame.
I'm still waiting for the Bulls Eye Blocks Swap to be returned. I am getting impatient LOL! If you haven't seen the tutorial yet it is really well done and you can see it at Busy Mama's Webshots Page (just click on the name to go there)
I am feeling like I am catching a cold today. The weather has turned really, really cold here and we all were wishing for long unds at the football game on Friday night...I am trying to fight it off so I probably will play hookey from church today. This week's study on Praying the Name of Jesus was wonderful! I hope that you will join us when we start a new study towards December. Have a great day,

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Quilla Quilter said...

I love the quilt you made with the blocks from the exchange! I love your scarecrows, too!