Wednesday, September 19, 2007


After much contemplation, I thought I could try and create a word document and paste in my photos and be able to see my Sylvia's Bridal Quilt as it progresses. I scanned all the swap blocks that I want to use for my "Sylvia's colors Bridal Quilt" with the blocks that I have made on my own and put them on the chart, so now I actually can get an idea where I am in the process and what blocks I have left to make! Cool huh????
Here are the names of the ladies and the blocks that they contributed to the quilt through the first SBS swap:

A-3 Shannon Shaw

A-5 May Irene Bjornemyr

A-9 Sandra McLay

B-1 May-Irene Bjornemyr

B-2 May-Irene Bjornemyr

B-5 Dot Colna

B-9 Trisha Lee Chubbs

C-1 Contrary Husband

C-8 Valerie Langue

C-9 Dot Colna

C-10 Donna Farley

D-2 Karen Hallman

D-10 Donna Farley

E-7 Sandra McLay

E-8 Donna Farley

F-7 Sandi Harrah

F-8 Donna Farley

F-10 Donna Farley

G-7 Debbie Frey

G-10 Yvonne Bagnell

H-9 Debbie Frey

J-1 Wendy Jones

J-4 Katherine Hannan

J-5 Yvonne Bagnell

J-6 Trisha Lee Chubbs

J-8 Yvonne Bagnell

J-9 lost the tag ! Please let me know if you recognize your block

K-2 Melissa Maloof

K-7 Bridgette Hardy]

K-8 Shelley Stevens

K-9 May Irene Bjornemyr

L-6 Yvonne Bagnell

L-10 Katherine Hannan

M-4 Pamela Bruner

M-5Bridgette Hardy

N-1 Wendy Jones

N-2 Yvonne Bagnell

N-5 Jennifer Chiaverini

N-10 Katherine Hannan

Here are the names of the ladies whose blocks I will use in my Blue/Cream quilt:

Katherine Hallman C-6 Crossed Canoes

Simone de Haan M-10 Key West Beauty

Joey Brede E-10 Hunter’s Star

Joan Sheridan E-8 Lincoln’s Platform

Susy Parrott I-1 True Lovers Knot

Florine Miller A-7 Cats and Mice

Carol Huddy L-9 Rolling Stone

Dorien Schaap B-7 Swamp Patch

Francisca Reit K-1 Road to Oklahoma

Yvonne Bagnell L-8 Kansas Troubles

Fran Threewit K-7 Sickle

Carolyn Bierworth L-6 Steps to the Altar

Shannon Shaw M-8 Dogtooth Violet

Tanya Anderson G-3 Bear’s Paw

Anne Ida Rokeness N-7 Duck and Ducklings

Bridgette Hardy I-4 Anvil

Linda Egge M-5 Ohio Star

Asa Holmer H-2 Wedding Ring

Caroline VanMaele D-10 Boy’s Nonsense

Nicki Bauer D-4 Rambler

Valerie Langue F-10 Aunt Sukey’s Choice

Sandi Harrah H-4 Dove in the Window

Anneliies Van den Bergh F-2 Ladies’ Aid Album/D-9 Orange Peel

Janet Elia H-5 Sylvia’s Shooting Star

Rebecca Abney B-7 Swamp Patch

Kathy Oppelt A-3 Bright Hopes

Linda Diaz A-9 Chinese Coin

Mary Ayres C-4 Sisters Choice

Sandra McLay G-3 Bear’s Paw

Trisha Lee Chubbs H-3 Sarah’s Favorite

Kathy Hardy F-3 Bow Tie

Beth Arenburg I-4 Anvil

Katherine Hannan C-5 Lady of the Lake

Gladys Thompson G-7 Sarah’s Favorite

Donna Farley I-3 Dutchman’s Puzzle

Shelley Stevens K-2 The Friendship Quilt

Lou Jane Gatford L-10 Contrary Wife

Anne K. Moore I-8 Birds in the Air

Elise Fare L-4 Brides Bouquet

Karen Hallman G-1 Love in a Mist

Dorthy Colna M-4 Jack in the Box

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, so much for all the beautiful blocks. They are treasures to me! I can hardly wait to stitch the quilts!



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