Friday, August 15, 2008

Catching Up and Breathing Again

I haven't posted in months. I was talking to my dear friend, Lorilylee, yesterday and catching up and we talked about our webshots pages and the online bible studies and the online friends that we have got so behind on keeping up with.

But life takes so many twists and turns and my life fell apart... I know Jesus has been watching over me the whole time. It just hasn't always felt like it...

My husband and I were separated in January. We felt that we were done with our marriage and filed for divorce. In March as we were negotiating for the custody of the children we found as we started talking again that we had both been praying we really wanted to be the people God wants us to be....whether we were together, married or not, we were praying that we would be he parents that we are supposed to be, that God would help us to be strong for our kids and to always be kind to eachother as friends and as parents to them. We started counseling and got back together in June and we are working hard to put Jesus first and serve eachother in our relationship. I receive daily devotionals from a web site called Proverbs 31 and received a devotional today called "Cultivating a Beautiful Marriage" written by Micca Monda Campbell I posted on her blog ideas about how my husband and I have been rebuilding our relationship and realized I should share here what I shared there, so here is part of what I wrote in her comments section:

One thing we have been doing because of our counseling together is called "the penny game." We each have a jar and when we do something that makes the other feel loved, affirmed or special in some way we get a penny. As we put the penny in the jar we have to say why our spouse is getting the penny. It often results in lots of giggles, kisses and hugs and has been a really fun way of saying how we feel to and about eachother.

We have also made a commitment to spending quality time every day. We have been doing this by holding hands or hugging and praying before he leaves for work in the morning and doing a devotion or reading something together and talking about it before bed.

The other thing that we did was to take an outing to the dollar store. Each of us were assigned to search for something that in some way represented our spouse to us. I gave my husband "superman" stickers... saying he is my hero and he is stuck with me :) My husband bought me a pooh bear chalk set. He said that Pooh bear represents Christopher Robins greatest treasure and that is what I am to him and the chalk represents my artistic nature. We were both so touched by eachother's gifts even though they only cost $1.00. They meant so much more!

May God help us to love and treasure and encourage eachother always!

hugs, Keri

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Granny Fran said...

Keri, I'm so glad that I found your blog thru your post to Quilting the Names of God. I've been so concerned about you and wondering what was happening in your life. So happy to see that you and your hubby have gotten back together and are growing in Christ together.
It's been a hard year for me due to health challenges (I suppose it is to be expected when one reaches 70 years), but the Lord had been very close and taught me so much thru my weakness. That's why I appreciated your silver refining story so much.