Friday, August 17, 2007

Friday...Finishes, Frustrations, Finality and the Future

Busy, Busy week...
I missed your Birthday Meg, I'm sorry :^(

I wish that I could do it all and do it better, but alas, it doesn't happen that way all the time does it... No question mark needed for that statement (teehee)

I did get three and a half things finished... The watercolor heart, it does look like a heart don't you think?
I regret some of the color placement but that is o.k....It is my first try at a watercolor quilt so I'll just be happy and chalk it up to lessons learned and try to think happy thoughts...

The Cape Blanco Lighthouse quilt:
I do like how this one came out. My first attempt at "double stick fusible web" applique....Yes, I had to look at the packaging because I couldn't remember what it was called :)
After I fused the pieces on to the background fabric, I put on the borders and then I went over them with monofilament thread with my free motion quilting foot. This quilt is for my boys who are currently fascinated with all things having to do with the, pirates, ships, lighthouses, shells and fish and sharks...etc...

The Star, My leading August ogre thing. I made up the pattern on EQ5 and it sat in the box since I pieced it in March. I was hoping to give it as a gift to one of the couples in our small bible study group, but I'm not sure that it is good enough or not....

The stripes really bugged me and that is why it ended up in the box and not finished right away. I should have used the paisley fabric in the inside squares instead of repeating the stripes...But to end on an optimistic note, I am learning a lot with each project that I do! Think happy thoughts, think happy thoughts...

The jack's chain quilt is almost done too. I think that I told you that I had moved it to the living room behind the couch but I had to move it back into the sewing room after I kicked it and broke my toe two days ago...You might have heard me yell...No, I promise not to show you any pictures of my toe! On the happy thought note: I am still stitching at least one thread a day on it and now all that is left is the very top row of nine patches!!!

I am also working on finishing the calendar quilt (Pat Sloan). I still have a few more apliques that I want to fuse on there and once that is altogether it will be quilted and the DJ siggie quilt (on my sewing room wall) and the quilting the psalms quilt are next on the quilting list too!

So, I'm glad to have a few finishes and a few things that are in line to be finished too. I love what you said, Martha, about PPD, (post project depression) I realize now that maybe I keep a few in line so that I won't have to worry that the last thing I finished will be the last thing I finish. I need to have something to look forward to and I need to believe that there IS something to look forward too...I need...many, even if they are little, happy project thoughts...

My quilt project to-do list:

Quilting: Calendar quilt, DJ siggie quilt, Psalms quilt

Setting: Spring Fling quilt, Dick and Jane swap quilt, Nine Patch Swap quilt

Piecing: NJQS blocks, SBS blocks, DJ blocks,

Have a very Happy Friday, and many HPT's (Happy Project Thoughts) to you and yours!



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