Saturday, August 04, 2007

August Activities

Wow, I can't believe that it has been two months since I last posted. We went to the Oregon Coast and visited my family and we went up to MT and visited Lorilylee! ( Hi Lorilylee!) and we have been enjoying summer visits with friends, swim lessons for the kids, BBQ's and Potlucks and other summery stuff...

I am working on a few projects: I finished my quilting the Psalms top, although I am considering adding a white outside border to it. I have almost finished the Inklingo star struck swap quilt top. I'm on the last row of the Jack's Chain quilting. It seems like a long row looming ahead of me. I have been sewing weekly blocks for the Praying the Names of Jesus study, and I pieced a heart watercolor top from Carol Honderich.

The Jack's Chain has been so overwhelming at times. When I expressed my frustration to my friend, she told me "that is why they have quilting bees" Oh, I can understand much better now . We have been having craft nites at church a few times a month and it has been bringing together ladies of all ages to chat, have some tea and cake, and work on a hand craft project. The social time is what I look forward to but there are always threads that get done in my Inklingo top too and that is encouraging.

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Quilla Quilter said...

How's the Jack's Chain coming? Are you finished with it yet?