Saturday, November 13, 2010

Brave Girl...Authentic Girl... To be truthful and Real

Today's Brave Girl post meant a lot to me.. I want to take those steps, agoraphobia sucks...just speaking the truth!

Dear Authentic Girl,

It's ok to cry sometimes, you know. It's even ok to completely fall apart for a little while so that you can put yourself back together in the way you are supposed to be together...sometimes the pieces of us get a little bit mixed up and we have to let ourselves fall apart so that we can get ourselves back in order.'s ok to grieve over things that we've lost. It's ok to grieve over people that we've lost and it's ok to grieve over time that has been lost. It's ok to feel a bit of a hole in our hearts where loved things used to be.

HERE'S THE IMPORTANT THING, though. Remember, that you can still do the things that you want to do, and work toward the places that you want to be, and learn the things that you want to learn WHILE you are working through grief. You don't have to wait. Sometimes we make ourselves wait until all of the pain is gone to start living the life we want to have. The time to start living the life we want to have is RIGHT NOW....even if it's while we are holding hands with pain. They really can live next to each other...and then when it's time for the pain to are not left alone trying to figure out what to do are already there....just without the pain.

So....please stop waiting, lovely you. Please stand up and take some steps into the places that you want to be. It's ok if your pain comes with really is. Someday it will feel like it's done it's job and it will be really will. YOUR JOB is to just keep moving, and you are the only one who can do it.

You know it's time...stand up, sweet sister.....take a step.
You can do this.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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