Friday, September 17, 2010

Being Home

Being Home... we need money, we need food, we are provided for bare minimum, no extras, no eating out, I have gotten creative with the pantry and stretched the food budget to the max.
We are doing okay, God is providing but I keep looking for work and getting the "another candidate was selected" note. It is discouraging but I keep thinking, well, Jesus must have something else... I have gotten so much encouragement from the Aquatics Instructor who has taken me under her wing to learn the ropes and pass the test in November. But no CNA jobs have opened up.
I want to trust Jesus. I love being home, I love helping my kids with their reading and homework. I love helping with the girls on the run program, I love that I will get to help in the one year old class at our new church soon. Our new church, thank you Jesus, for our new church...
so I am thankful for the free peaches and tomatoes and the basil that I got this week, I am thankful for getting to be home and babysit my grand daughter.
I love being home, So thank you Jesus for everything, even this is so hard, but I love being home...

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