Friday, July 28, 2006

Summer Activities and Projects

We had a really wonderful time visiting with my family at the Oregon Coast. The shady trees photo was taken while visiting Ft. Clatsop. The National park was very beautiful and I think one of my favorite stopping places during our week out there. The Park Rangers were dressed up in Lewis and Clark period costumes and we had fun talking to them as they whittled. One of the Rangers did a shooting demonstration and shot a musket for us. The hike was lovely down to the Lewis and Clark River.

The blanket photo is a throw size quilt for my son who loves WWII airplanes. I finished it yesterday...

I am behind on my Dear Jane BOW's and TOW's and trying not to feel too badly about it. I think once we start on our school schedule again I'll get back in the habit of prepping and sewing my blocks during writing/penmanship lessons or otherwise quiet school moments.
I'm three blocks behind on my Women of the Bible quilt now.... I have picked out substitute blocks to sew for Jezebel, the Queen of Sheba and Rizpah. Maybe this weekend I'll get those caught up.

I am also trying to finish up the Sylvia's Bridal Swap blocks that are due at the end of August...Oh... and the mini Spring Fling blocks are done...They just need to be labeled and mailed... Lots of projects to do... I really like being busy though. I have been working on my embroidery quilt while the kids do their swimming lessons. So that project is almost done too. I'll take a picture when it is finished.

Hope you are having a lovely summer!

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