Sunday, June 25, 2006

Glacier National Park Montana

This is a picture that I took while we were hiking in Glacier National Park in Montana last week. To hear the sound of the rushing water and to see the sun and shade on the trees was amazing.
It was amazing and wonderful.
We joked that we expected to see an elf, dwarf or fairy at any moment. Truly a fairy tale forest...What we did see was a deer that crossed over the trail just a few feet away from us and walked along the side of it with us for a few minutes.
It was amazing, I hated to leave and I want to go back!

This is the view from behind our friends church that we visited last Sunday.
Visiting their church was so much fun and I can't describe what it was like to look out the window at the beautiful Montana sky and the white puffy clouds other than to say "Wow!"
The sky was sooooo blue.
The sermon was great too!
One Leader, One calling, No nets!
(Matthew 4:20..."At once they left their nets and followed him.")

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